Karel Flores new york salsa congress

Karel Flores

Karel Flores was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico into a family of artists. From very young, Karel was exposed to both acting and dancing, from forming part of every dance group in school to taking up on main roles in Mexican soap operas.

Throughout the years she took up on acting, jazz, Hawaiian dancing ad cheerleading but these were only extracurricular activities and she never imagined actually making a career out of dance nor acting. However, not until her late years in high school that she discovered the dance that would change her life, salsa.

Being an overachiever, Karel moved cities to be able to train with the best dance co. In Mexico. However her hunger to learn didn’t stop there. After about 6 months, she decided to go to NYC for only a few months to try to learn as much as she could.

However, those few months turned into now 8 years, when during her stay she was invited to join her dream dance company, Yamulee. Training directly under the director’s hand she worked her way trough to eventually become his official dance partner and lead female dancer of the company.

Years of training and hard work has allowed Karel to become a world wide known top dancer and instructor.

With Yamulee Dance Co., as the director’s partner, and now as a solo artist, instructor and choreographer, Karel has traveled and conquered hearts and stages from North to South America, Europe, and Asia.




The New York International Salsa Congress is New York City's largest and longest-running Latin dance and music event where the world comes to dance every Labor Day Weekend. This year is the 18th annual edition and will take place at the prestigious New York Marriott Marquis, in the heart of Times Square, footsteps from Broadway theaters, museums and other NYC attractions.  

Featuring live band concerts, performance showcases, instructional workshops, and non-stop social dancing all in the center of the world's greatest city, come see why the NYISC brings thousands of attendees from New York and over 40 countries worldwide for an annual celebration of Latin dance, music and culture.

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