maria ramos 2Maria Ramos, New York

Maria Ramos born and raised in New York City. Since the age of 8 her mother enrolled her in The East Harlem School of Ballet where Maria found her true love for Dance and never stopped thereafter. Maria has performed all around the world with artist such as 112, P-Diddy, Kanye West and performed locally with Ciara, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Romeo Santos in Madison Square Garden. She has done Industrial and Commercial work for: Nike, Stride Gum and played a cartoon character in the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and has been seen on "Saturday Night Live" dancing on set for Justin Bieber.

For the past 7 years Maria has dedicated herself to dancing Mambo, Salsa On2. She trained and performed with various dance companies such as Yamulee and Santo Rico. Since then she's been traveling, performing and teaching all around the world across 4 continents. In 2014, Maria partnered up with Fausto Felix and is currently teaching and performing Bachata dance. It was her passion to infuse latin dance and hip-hop that sparked the idea to blend the two art forms to create D'COR Dance Company. Maria has done a lot but is ready to do more... Stay tuned for her new adventures and updates on her site.



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