2017 new york salsa congress dj gonzoDJ Gonzo, Texas

Salsamania Austin 

The musician, producer and DJ was born and raised in El Callao, Peru. At the age of 17, he moved to New York City. He studied music at Queens College music school and learned Latin percussion at Boys Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts located in El Barrio, NYC. His musical studies helped him develop an eclectic taste, and led him to the authentic salsa vieja sound for which he is known. DJ Gonzo’s unique style and soundly rich music selection has made him one of the most influential and top salsa DJs in the U.S.
In September 2014, DJ Gonzo launched DJ Gonzo Productions, and signed salsa legend piano virtuoso, Mr. Alfredito Linares. DJ Gonzo productions’ first album was released the first week of November 2014. The album “DJ Gonzo presents Alfredito Linares — Salsa Pa Todo El Mundo” includes 10 dance floor killer tracks and is now a favorite by salsa DJs world-wide.
Socials/Dance Clubs/Events
DJ Gonzo is the resident DJ of some of the best latin clubs and salsa socials in Texas, as Club Tropicana (Tuesdays), Fox Hollow (Fridays), the Houston Salsaduradays salsa social, and his very own social, the Salsamania-Austin All About the Music salsa social.
DJ Gonzo is the musical director of the Houston Salsa Congress, the biggest salsa congress in the south. He is in charge of picking and hiring bands and DJs for the event. He has also participated as official DJ of Houston’s Puerto Rican and Cuban Festival, the Vegas Salsa Congress 2010, New York’s Salsamania 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year anniversary (NYC), the Berlin Salsa Congress 2012 (Germany), the Munich Salsa Congress 2013 & 2014 (Germany), the Munich’s Palladium Nights (Germany), and the Munich’s Salsabor salsa social (Germany).



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