dj monik 2DJ Monik, Romania

 She started her career as a salsa DJ in 2008, wanting to promote and enrich among the local dancers this type of music, at the social events organized by the Salsa Picante School from Brasov, of which she is a part of.  
Being an instructor and performer, she managed to reconcile the salseros' tastes in music, becoming officially the only female salsa DJ in Romania. Well appreciated, in short time she is invited to DJ at national events and at international events in Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Turkey, France, Singapore, Slovenia, USA, Cyprus.
In the present, Monik is a DJ resident of the Social Club (Brasov), where all salseros in the city gather every Thursday for the Salsa socials. She is also the resident DJ of the National Salsa Congress (Brasov) the biggest salsa event that take place in Romania every year. Her latest collaboration has recently begun to have with Salsa Warriors Radio from United States. You can listen to her shows every Tuesday and Thursday from 2 pm-4 pm US et. DJ Monik knows how to be different and stand out in front of other DJ`s.
The music she mixes is fun and leaves everybody on the dance floor asking for more. She is a member of that most rare group of DJs, the ones who consistently deliver hard dance-able music while introducing their audience to the history of the music one song a time. She blends in the classics of the Mambo and Fania era seamlessly to the hottest new releases without missing a beat. Blessed with the ear of a dancer and an innate feel for the music she is guaranteed to keep the party going all night long.



The New York International Salsa Congress is New York City's largest and longest-running Latin dance and music event where the world comes to dance every Labor Day Weekend. This year is the 18th annual edition and will take place at the prestigious New York Marriott Marquis, in the heart of Times Square, footsteps from Broadway theaters, museums and other NYC attractions.  

Featuring live band concerts, performance showcases, instructional workshops, and non-stop social dancing all in the center of the world's greatest city, come see why the NYISC brings thousands of attendees from New York and over 40 countries worldwide for an annual celebration of Latin dance, music and culture.

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