antonio la conga new york salsa congressAntonio DJ La Conga, New York

LVG Salsa Social

DJ Antonio “La Conga NYC” has been a salsa DJ in New York since 2007. He specializes in salsa from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and new music.
He has studied Latin-American rhythms, rock, electronic, and music from countries such as Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Rep., Mexico, Venezuela, USA and European countries.
He owns more than 5,000 vinyl collectors discs and 7,000 original CDs. Many music collectors respect him because he is considered one of a kind and one of the best DJ’s in NY.
He is the resident DJ at “La Vieja Guardia NYC Salsa Social” one of the most successful socials in NY and “La Clave” at the world famous Copacabana in NY.
He has been invited to DJ at: Houston salsa congress, (2014) Mambo Madness Salsa Social Anniversary, Los Angeles CA (2013 & 2014) (2015) AVS Salsa Social, Seattle Washington (2013 & 2014)(2015) Club Milano, San Jose CA (2014) Mr. Mambo Salsa Social, Washington DC (2012) Baila Duro Salsa Social Anniversary, Cleveland OH (2007 & 2009) Seattle Salsa Congress (2014)(2015) SF california Max producción 2014 El Guateque Salsa Social Anniversary, Charlotte NC (2014) and Now for the 1st Time at The New York Salsa Congress 2016.


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