nelson floresNelson Flores, Descarga Latina, New York

Nelson Flores is a well-known dance teacher, dance competition judge, and the founder and creative director of the Latin dance production company Descarga Latina.

The team began as a small Salsa dance troupe in 1997(with many previous members of Santo Rico Dance Company), and slowly evolved into something much more, now having performed on many prestigious stages.  The shows include singing, dancing, acting, and comedy.

Nelson is the manager of the group, a choreographer, producer and project manager.  He has also served as an official Judge for the World Salsa Competition, sponsored by sports network giant ESPN.  He and the team have even given training to many great dancers.

Nelson is known for his smooth style, authentic and musical choreography and combinations.












The New York International Salsa Congress is New York City's largest and longest-running Latin dance and music event where the world comes to dance every Labor Day Weekend. This year is the 18th annual edition and will take place at the prestigious New York Marriott Marquis, in the heart of Times Square, footsteps from Broadway theaters, museums and other NYC attractions.  

Featuring live band concerts, performance showcases, instructional workshops, and non-stop social dancing all in the center of the world's greatest city, come see why the NYISC brings thousands of attendees from New York and over 40 countries worldwide for an annual celebration of Latin dance, music and culture.

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